Ditch Operation Schedule

Currently operating under: HIGH FLOW SCHEDULE
Regular (low flow) Schedule shown below (Flume Gauge at 0.6 or lower)
High Flow Schedule shown below
(Flume Gauge Above 0.6)

How is the schedule determined?

The water shares can also be expressed in hours of usage per share.

There is 168 hours in a full week (24 x 7 = 168). 

Therefore, each share of the WPDC is entitled to 2 hours of all the water (168 hours/82.35 shares=2.04).

This is mostly useful for the users wanting to flood irrigate instead of pumping their water. Flood irrigation requires a large amount of water in a short amount of time in order to be effective.

The WPDC designed the schedule to accommodate the various needs of it's users.

Where is my water ???

Please follow the checklist below if you are wondering why your water level is not as expected:

1- Review the schedule carefully to make sure water is scheduled to be flowing in your ditch.

2- Look on the Blog page to see is there is any notification of water restriction or ditch closure.

3- Walk your ditch up to the next gate to look for obstructions and see if the boards are setup according to the schedule.

4- Upstream users may be taking the water. We are not coordinated with their usage schedule.

5- Verify the water level on the Parshall flume on county road 5.

6- Verify that the Headgate is not obstructed at the junction with Dallas Creek.

Board Setup Instruction (in development)

How to read the board setup:

Gate Number  
See map for location
South most
board position
North most
board position