• Martin Bouliane

Water will start flowing Monday 4/25

Kevin Wilson will coordinate the event with Sam Ewing. If you have spare time and would like to help Kevin, I am sure he will appreciate it. When the ditch first starts flowing in the spring, there is a lot of debris to clean and constantly making sure the various culverts are do not clogging.

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Interesting fact: The only recorded occurrence that the WPDC has been out of water right priority was in July-August of 2002. You can consult the historical data following this link: Structure Call

Today, the workers from Clearnetworks accidentally drilled through the culvert traversing Meadows Cir. on the diagonal ditch. Water was diverted for the duration of the repair which may be completed

37-86-103. Extent of right-of-way. Such right-of-way shall extend only to a ditch, dike, cutting, pipeline, or other structure sufficient for the purpose required. UNLESS INCONSISTENT WITH THE TERMS U